Friday, April 9, 2010

The beginning...

"No pain, No gain."
-Athletic proverb

So.. I told myself I would not jump on the "blog" wagon, but it seems as though I have. With that being said... I am approaching my 1 year anniversary of my "official" start of working out and changing my lifestyle.

On April 24, 2009, I realized I needed a hobby... and with the help (and the constant encouragement) of my husband I was able to start one. I was overwhelmed with a lot of different emotions and needed to find an outlet to work out my frustrations with certain elements in my life. Together, we made the change to eat healthy, be active, and eat to nourish our bodies. These are are so simple to say, but they are hard decisions to actually make happen.

Eating clean and healthy takes effort and discipline. It also takes time to do your research. Much of my research started with many cookbooks, Cooking Light magazines, websites, and A LOT of "nutrition facts labels" on ALL the food I purchased.

The gym was a different story. I had always been active in life, playing sports in high school and enjoying being active, but there was always something missing. The drive to want to accomplish something. I wanted to excel in becoming active, no matter how I planned on losing the weight.

My goals are...

To lose 100 lbs.

Run a Marathon before I turn 30

Be a Gym Class Instructor

Encourage others to lose weight

Make healthy recipes (possibly into a cookbook)

In the upcoming blogs, I will refer back to what I have accomplished this past year and what my plans are for the future.

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