Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon

"Run hard, be strong, think BIG!"
-Percy Cerutty

I registered for the Marathon on April 5.. the day that registration started. I really want to get picked for this Marathon for it to be my first one. I would have plenty of time to train effectively for my best time for a marathon.

I read a book this past week about starting to train for a Marathon. It was the best book I have read regarding running. Running has become so important to me.. so it was more important that I find joy in it. Dawn Dais, the author of thie book was able to be sarcastic (which I love) and funny about not being the best at something, but still trying.

I have always been similar to the author in competition. Running is a sport that makes competition within yourself to do your best and push your limits. My experience with competition has always been with a team and specializing in a position to help succeed. Running has taught me to be self reliant and also made me aware of what I can achieve.

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