Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finally, an update!

"In a country where only men are encouraged, one must be one's own inspiration."
-Tegla Loroupe, 1994 NYC Marathon Champion

For the past couple months, the training has been going very well. I will use this as an excuse for not blogging. But I am back and ready to share all my fun happenings over the past couple of months.
First, on June 11, Jesse and I ran the SF Giant Race in San Francisco, Ca.

Here are our times:

Jesse: 2 hrs 3 minutes
Megan: 2 hrs 23 minutes

This was our first Half Marathon and the beginning of what I think will be a fun and exciting running career! I love the feeling of the race, but I do get a little bit anxious and I tend to start out running faster than I would like to when I first start the race.

My goals for my next Half Marathon.. which will be in exactly 21 days...
--Be more aware of my pace
--Be ready to kick it in to HIGH gear the last 3 miles
--Beat my time from last Half Marathon by 10 minutes

I know these goals are attainable because I have been training like crazy. Even though it is crazy to me, I know most other runners train a lot more. But I am in the competition with myself. And I have always told myself that I will do this running for myself. To prove to myself that I am worth it and that I am doing this to be who I am. Running makes me happy and when I accomplish a great workout or run, the endorphins are so addicting.

Heads up for what is to come... My FIRST Marathon. This will be a monumental occassion for me because this will be my ultimate goal that I have had since I have started my weight loss. My first Marathon will be the Nike Womens Marathon in San Francisco, Ca on October 17.

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